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We have had many questions about the role of the adult in the student-led cell group meetings. Here is an overview of what is expected of the Adult Encourager:


Attend weekly student cell. The encourager is to be present in the meetings as a participant and is required to share just as the youth do (but not to be the leader of the group). Being honest with them in their personal pilgrimage is crucial to develop the relationships necessary to share Christ effectively.

Work with student leaders and assistant leaders to insure lessons are planned two weeks in advance, houses are secured, and forms are turned in at weekly leaders cell meeting.

Encourage leaders to invite non-Christians to cell and follow-up on visitors within 48 hrs.

Encourage/remind leaders to “Share the Vision” weekly.

Keep Zone Servant informed about condition and progress of cell.

The character and function of the “Adult Representative” in the cell group meeting is vital. The encourager is the key behind-the-scenes individual who supports the Servant Leader and Intern in the ministry to the flock. It is important to first point out that the encourager is not a controller. The goal of the cell meeting is twofold:

Goal #1 is to develop mature Christian youth to lead and serve the Lord. If an adult controls what happens, independent leadership is thwarted and dependency continues. To reach teenagers for Christ, teenagers must be independently responsible to grow, share and challenge their peers. They must learn to stand as a leader in the environment of love and acceptance.

Goal #2 is Evangelism. We are trying to create an atmosphere where Christian young people can invite their lost friends to a home and hear the “Good News”. When youth lead, lost young people are easily excited and open to experience the new way of life example by their peers. The encourager therefore attempts to build deep meaningful relationships with all participants, especially the Servant Leader and Intern. He/She encourages them to be responsible in all areas of planning, prayer, sharing, etc. Their role is critical when growth is stifled, personality conflicts arise or other problems occur.

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TESTIMONIES - What others are saying about Ted Stump and Student-Led Cell Groups

"The seminar was fantastic. Each of the leaders left the time inspired to reach teens for Jesus Christ -- and more significantly, they were given a detailed, step by step plan to accomplish the task through a simple and transferable approach developed by Ted."

John Hopler
Director of Church Ministries

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