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   Sample Seminar Outline  

Sample Seminar Outline

9:00 AM Welcome / Worship / Prayer
9:30 AM Introduction
9:35 AM Overview of Seminar: "The Beginning of a Process"
Well Thought Out Plan
9:40 AM Mock Cell: Select 12 students; "Fish bowl seating"
Topic: "Success and Failure"
10:45 AM Break
11:00 AM Debrief mock cell
What’s Happening To Our Youth
11:15 AM What a cell is / What a cell isn’t
The cell movement worldwide
Current youth ministries
Article: "The Spinning Act"
11:30 AM How to implement student cell groups - Part I
Student Testimonies: Josh, Stephanie, Veronica, Jared
Requirements / Spiritual maturity
Job description
11:50 AM Questions and Answers
12:00 PM Lunch
12:45 PM How to implement student cell groups - Part II
Core group
The Oikos - What it is and how it works
Proper balance - handout
Curriculum and how to use it
The cell format (Why?)
Ministry within the cell
1:30 PM Leadership cell - Format/Purpose
2:00 PM Start-up game plan / individual groups / handout
First month handout
Next week cell handout
3:00 PM Break
3:15 PM Importance of prayer
For leaders
Cells: before, during, after
Schools, students, administrations
Parents of teens
Intercessors / Christian schools
Personal prayer life
3:30 PM The city-wide vision
3:45 PM Questions and Answers
3:55 PM Resources
4:00 PM Prayer / Dismiss

TESTIMONIES - What others are saying about Ted Stump and Student-Led Cell Groups

"The seminar was fantastic. Each of the leaders left the time inspired to reach teens for Jesus Christ -- and more significantly, they were given a detailed, step by step plan to accomplish the task through a simple and transferable approach developed by Ted."

John Hopler
Director of Church Ministries

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