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Personal Testimonies

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Strange Faces: Helping Hands
by Rebecca

When I first came to cell groups I was really nervous. My mom dropped me off at Lindsey's house and since I didn't even know her, that made it even more difficult. I only knew one person in the group and she was going to meet me there. Well, I came into the house and immediately felt a very welcoming atmosphere. I have never felt that way before in any church group. Everyone there welcomed me and made me feel a part of the group.

At first I sat back a little to just watch but soon Sarah and the rest of the group took me in and made me feel like I was important. You know, I felt like it was a chain and they needed my link to make it work. I'm not sure why, but I felt like I had to be there.

While I was talking during the group, I noticed that everyone listened to what I had to say and didn't try to hush me up. It was an awesome feeling. Here I had just met these people two minutes ago, but I felt like I knew them and they knew me. Almost like we knew each other's life stories but no one had to tell them. I can't explain how great this feeling was.

The only thing I can say is don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself. Experience the awesome feeling of having friends who care. These people aren't going to leave you when you need them and they will never "knock" you in any way. They are loving and caring but most of all, respectful. I am still learning and honestly, I am not stable in my spiritual life, but these wonderful people are helping me through it. They aren't pushing me through, but helping me. They are going to continue to be there for me along the way no matter how long it takes for me to find my direction from God. I can't tell you how extravagant this feels to be loved by people you don't even know. They can be there for you, too!

Now, I understand that everyone is different. Check out this cell group and if you don't feel the awesome power, try one of the other ones. Sooner or later you'll find the one that will suit what you are looking for. Lord knows, I found mine. I thank God for my new-found friends; maybe you can thank Him for yours.

In a cell, sure you find strange faces, but you will also find helping hands.

Rebecca is a sophomore attending Cactus High School in Glendale, Arizona. She wrote this article after attending a cell group meeting in May 1999.

A Letter From Randy Williams

Dear Ted,

Just a note to say thank you for all your help and special ideas in regards to our new Student-Led Home Cell Groups. What a success it has been!

We've seen 70% growth on our Wednesday nights (100 to 170) and an influence on our Sunday mornings. But that isn't the real reason I'm writing you. Let me explain.

Ted, up until this past semester, we have done everything for our students. In my heart I believed we were "equipping" them, but in reality, I was afraid to really let go. We are now graduating students who can actually teach the bible, facilitate small groups, and lead their friends to Christ.

Thanks for everything. Without you, and High Impact Ministries, I'm afraid to think that we would be doing the same old thing. Please pray for us this fall, we have decided that we must begin 17 cells this fall to keep up with the growth. We predict we'll end the year with over 25!

By the way, I personally have seen three of my youth pastor friends jump on the train with us. They are all excited to begin this minstry in their groups this fall. Praise the Lord!

Sincerely grateful,
Randy Williams
Palmeroft Baptist Church - Pheonix, AZ

Good news from Moline, Illinois!

"This week the youth talked about horoscopes and the supernatural. We had a great discussion, but if things kept going the way they did tonight, it will be hard to keep all three groups in the cell. =) We had three girls accept the Lord tonight. One was a first-timer, another had been coming for a while, but more off than on, and the third had just come a few times. The other girls were so excited, it was hard to keep them contained long enough to get the message across and explain how to accept the Lord. They practically fought over who would get to pray with each of them."

Eagle Summit Community Church
Moline, Illinois

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TESTIMONIES - What others are saying about Ted Stump and Student-Led Cell Groups

"The response from the youth was positive and enthusiastic to launch an effective cell ministry that can penetrate all of the various sub cultures found in the High Schools."

Bob Black
Conference Coordinator

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